The Art of Richard L. Goettling
Artist Biography

Richard Goettling is a visionary artist living in Seattle, Washington. He received a BFA from the University of Washington, having been influenced in both style and approach by such teachers as Jacob Lawrence, and Norman Lundin, and was influenced by the Northwest mystical artists such as Morris Graves, and Mark Tobey. Richard spent the years following his schooling training himself to represent realistically anything he could imagine, particularly the human form. More importantly, as a student of life, intending to learn and live as consciously as possible, he began to find his distinct artistic expression. For several years he disciplined himself to show up at the drawing table ready to put pencil to paper, but without specific expectation. The result of being open to intuitive and spontaneous imagery combined with the skills he had developed can be seen in the beautiful works he is now producing.

Richard explains that a “conversation”, taking place between the body, mind and soul is what defines his creative process. In addition, there is a sense that in his openness to the reality of the unseen, his images are both inspired and guided. The gratification of the process for Richard lies in knowing he is a part of something bigger than himself, and in wondering at the mystery of the uniquely personal way that his work is meaningful to others.

These prints begin with a detailed drawing, and are then colored digitally. The final result is an archival quality print on museum quality paper, using light fast inks.

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